Rochester Warehousing and Asset Management

If you are looking to expand your business operations, consider partnering with experienced warehousing and asset management solutions. At Corrigan Moving, we have developed a exclusive web-based asset management system, fully configurable to meet the requirements of all of our customers. When working with our platform and our warehouse storage options, you will enjoy complete asset visibility, as well as access to the live web portal WMS. This will make it easier to track and complete digital service requests.

Your ideal Rochester warehousing partner regardless of where in the nation your product is

Our warehouse management system is active at all of our 13 locations. Furthermore, we can utilize this system in any of our 3rd party warehouse locations in every part of the country. Along with our skilled warehousing staff, this WMS will aid you in beginning or closing a facility, transition equipment dealer quickly, or even install new assets. We can help you warehouse, sort, manage, receive, protect, and ship any of your products anywhere in the world. Simultaneously, you will benefit from the entire visibility of your products.

Our comprehensive warehousing solutions are available in all primary United States metro areas. Throughout the Great Lakes area, we operate more than 500,000 square feet of warehouse space. Additionally, we are a member of the United cooperative enabling us the ability to collaborate with the highest quality warehouses in the nation. This means that you will have access to an unrivaled choice of warehouses to choose from. All of the locations, be they Corrigan Moving owned or our associates, undertake a stringent screening process. Our partner locations all must use high-tech security and fire suppression systems.


An organization that always does the right thing

At the heart of everything we do is a very simple guiding principle, a message from our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan. He taught that the best companies "Always do the right thing!". Corrigan Moving was created on this mission, and we continue to live by it even now. For over 90 years, we have been delivering moving and warehouse services to the community with this ideal at the center.

How is Corrigan Moving different from other commercial moving and logistics partners you couldfind? The answer is quite straightforward, we are professionals that commit to the highest values. We don’t employ any day laborers, as we recognize they can’t provide an excellent experience to our clients. 

Storage solutions

Corrigan Moving’s storage choices, including wooden vaults and racking provide a customized choice for our clients. If you are needing an ideal method to store your equipment, our warehousing solutions can offer you all the storage space you might want. Our warehousing specialists are there to personally inventory, manage, and prepare your assets in our storage crates or on traditional racking, including oversized items and sensitive products.


Other solutions

If you must relocate your office or business in a smooth, secure, and productive way, all you need to do is contact us. We can offer you:

Logistics Solutions

Of special note are our logistics services. They complement our asset management capabilities. Corrigan Logistics is an asset-based, full-service logistics business that offers a wide collection of asset management tools to help your business grow and be successful. We can also provide you with custom designed transport and storage services, and manage high-value assets, trade shows & displays, and special commodities.

Corrigan Moving can be your single-source solution for all your warehousing and asset management requisites. Just communicate what your organization needs, and we’ll figure out the most efficient plan. Our in-house staff is skilled and qualified in the decommissioning, shipping, and installation, enabling us to execute any relocation or installation on a rushed timetable.


Whether you are looking for a warehouse storage solution, a WMS, or to relocate your business to a new location, you can depend on Corrigan Moving to do the right thing for you. Reach out today and enhance your business operations!

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