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As a top rated Rochester office moving company and one of the best-known names in the moving industry nationwide, we offer a complete understanding of the particulars that come with relocating an office. We are proud to be a family company that dates back to 1929. As your moving partner, we aim to limit the interruptions of your organization when relocating. Reach out today and let us guide you through a well organized move plan for your organization and employees. 

Selecting the perfect office moving partner

No matter the scope of your office, relocating it necessitates adequate resources and an experienced workforce for an effective outcome. While it may at the start seem like any mover is able to complete the project, there’s certainly much more to consider. Considering how much you invest in your company - you should trust the moving of your office to specialists you can entirely depend upon.

For the whole of our long history as a company, Corrigan Moving has received countless recognitions for our value of service and commitment to customer satisfaction. This is a indication of the optimal expertise and commitment to our work.

Our history dates back to 1929. Though lots of things have changed since then, the commitment to good character and the satisfaction of our clients has stayed an essential principal. These values have propelled our family organization to become one of the most credible office movers in Rochester and through the nation.

Since its humble beginnings over 90 years back, Corrigan Moving has expanded into a business that provides unsurpassed relocation solutions for companies. Now, we are the logistics solutions provider of choice for many upmarket industries.

Connect with us today and advance because of our expertise, knowledge, and personalized execution toward each project we tackle. Corrigan Moving is your preferred office moving company in Rochester for the swift and efficient completion of your upcoming project.

An excellent team of Rochester office movers

At Corrigan Moving we are dedicated to being first-class in everything we do. We realize that the people you are trusting with your company’s possessions have an enormous influence on the end result of your move. Therefore, we complete an exhaustive hiring process and intentionally choose each of our personnel. Each member of our move crew completes an extensive background check and screening processes before they are able to join our company.

In addition to making sure that we build our team with skilled specialists but we also increase their skills with our home-office training program. Corrigan Academy. This way, we sustain high standards for quality and consistency of craftsmanship, and we execute the revered Corrigan Moving experience. Contact us today and partner with the top office movers near you, for your smooth relocation.

Value and Effective artisanship that leave a lasting impression

For over 90 years, Corrigan Moving has stayed unwaveringly committed to our primary mission of serving clients with principle. We have demonstrated proficiency in the office moving domain and are a dependable moving solution no matter the scope of your move.

Whether or not you are moving your teammates internally or your whole organization to new headquarters, Corrigan Moving provides reliable dedication in the craft, excellence, and efficiency. Our rich know-how has permitted us to launch a complex system that enhances the effects of your office move.

By diminishing pauses effectively, our office movers near you improve the moving process, so it’s finished with the most time and cost-saving results. Therefore, contact us and relocate your office with confidence and at a efficient pace.

A comprehensive suite of individualized office relocation services for your highest advantage

As a top-rated moving company on a national level, at Corrigan Moving we constantly raise expectations in the moving industry. Our exceptional commercial solutions are fully customizable to match the specific directives of your relocation project.

Our comprehensive array of office moving services goes beyond the expert handling and logistics of your assets. We run a team of Rochester office movers who concentrate specifically on office furniture reconfiguration and furniture decommissioning and recycling.

Make your search for office movers near me uncomplicated! We offer top-rated value resources for all of your business moving needs. Reach out now and start the initial step toward a stress-free and productive move, no matter the distance from origin to destination.

Complete your office move with efficiency by partnering with the highest-rates

With expertise that reaches back more than 90 years, Corrigan Moving is an industry name equivalent to incomparable moving solutions. Finding office movers near you means looking for dependable professionals that will maximize the efficiency of your move.

Start designing your reliable office moving plan together with our professionals, and profit from the seamless experience we deliver every time.

Start researching your stress-free move with our library of resources

Look through our curated collection of resource articles selected to assist with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.