Corrigan makes relocating for work simple!

No matter if you’ve landed a new job or received a promotion, congratulations are due! You have already made the big decision to move for work and now it is time to allow Corrigan Moving to manage the details. Our specially trained team is experienced with the majority of corporate relocation benefit packages and, since you are a corporate transferee, we’ll review your benefits, assess your requirements and recommend service options that are within your specified budget. At Corrigan, we believe in doing what’s best for our transferees which is the reason why we make corporate relocations a piece of cake.

What to expect when relocating for a job?

Corporate benefits are different to each employer. Your HR will provide you with the specifics of your relocation package and first steps. Depending on what benefits your organization provides, you’ll be directed to a specific mover, or you could be expected to find a mover of your choice. Either way, Corrigan’s knowledgeable team will be available, assisting you during every phase of the way.


Your Home Survey

The total cost of your move is calculated based on the total weight and miles, a home survey is necessary to estimate the weight of your shipment. For the home survey, you will walk a moving representative throughout your house and any other buildings, discussing what will be part of your move. You will be asked to open doors, cupboards, drawers as well as see under beds for belongings that are easily forgotten!

*Virtual home surveys have greatly become the primary form of performing a move survey for our corporate relocation transferees. Regardless, in-home surveys with a personal moving representative are still a choice.


Reviewing the Quote & Honing Moving Services

After doing your move survey, you will be provided a relocation estimate. Corrigan’s move coordinator will be able to discuss the quote in detail and offer choices for staying within your allowed relocation budget.

Some things to consider while sizing your relocation needs to bring down the cost of your relocation:

  1. If packing has been included in your estimate, you can bring down the overall price by packing your own belongings, or, lowering the amount of packing to include just the fragile things.
  2. Donating or selling items that you don’t actually need will lighten the load, extend your relocation budget, and declutter unnecessary items in your new home.
  3. Are your moving dates flexible? If there’s flexibility in your schedule and you are able to move your dates a little; you could see a reduction in cost. Make sure to let your move representative know if your dates are adjustable.

Your move consultant will work with you to craft a custom moving plan that matches your specific relocation needs and remains within your specified budget. Our experience working with corporate transferees gives you access to the industries’ most knowledgeable and experienced specialists ready with an arsenal of personalized moving options.


Your Move

Once the specifics are determined and your move is on the books, you will be paired with a personal move coordinator[[. This person will offer support through each phase of your move. He or she will ensure you have the knowledge you need to know, when you need it and will be a resource for any questions, concerns, or revisions you want to see to your move program.

Your personal move coordinator will stay in touch at important events to offer necessary information about your relocation and keep you up to date. In the days between scheduling your move with Corrigan Moving and loading, you will be provided info covering:

As your single point of contact, we encourage our corporate transferees to reach out to your move coordinators whenever you want through the whole move process.

Delivery & Settling In

Leading up to your delivery, your move coordinator will continue to talk with you, establishing final dates, times and preparing you for what to expect for delivery. You’ll receive essential info related to the paperwork to expect, your job during the delivery day and more.

When delivery is completed, you’ll receive a follow-up phone call or email from your move coordinator with a request to answer our customer satisfaction survey. And, if needed, your move coordinator will walk you through the initial steps of lodging a claim.

At Corrigan, we are proud of the jobs we do. With our expertly trained and knowledgeable teams, we see to it that each employee relocation we service is completed with the integrity of doing the right thing for our customer. If you’re a corporate transferee with an expected move, reach out today and move with the best – choose Corrigan.

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