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Whether you are moving a house or an office, there will usually be oversized and hefty furniture to move. This is why you want to partner with a moving company that provides furniture installation solutions. You also want your mover to have extensive insight, a great reputation, and a supremely experienced staff. Corrigan Moving satisfies all these qualifications and many more.

With our assistance, you won’t need to worry about your furniture installation and construction, as our team will manage it for you . Get a complimentary quote today and start your move in the finest possible way!

Furniture installation simplified

Although our installation solutions are obtainable to any relocation format, it’s business relocations that profit most from it. There is a lot that goes into business moving, after all. You need someone to help you handle packing, storage, disassembly, and set up at your new location. Corrigan Moving can accomplish all these things for you, ensuring that you can begin conducting business in the least amount of time. Our professionals will provide you with the contentment that goes with understanding that your new space will be handled the correct way, the first time. This will remove a lot of the stress that goes with moving to a new space and deliver you with the necessary aid to get back to business.

Here's what you can look forward to from our installation & disassembly solutions:

We absolutely know that each move is special. That’s why our crews will collaborate with you to construct the top possible relocation plan, allowing you to minimize the time it takes for you to start doing business again.

Unparalleled training and experience

Our business charts its roots all the way back to 1929 when our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan began helping families relocate. Back in those days, all we possessed were a few ice delivery vehicles, grand drive, and sound principles. While we have moved past the ice delivery trucks long ago, our ethics and ambition to be the best movers in the U.S. remained. Our founder entrusted us with a basic principle: Always do the right thing! and we honor it to this day.

In our nearly century of operation, we’ve encountered just about everything that the transportation field has to offer. We have managed all sorts of relocations, simple and big, to the complete contentment of our customers. But our experience is only a single piece of what makes Corrigan Moving a pillar in the moving field. The primary element of why we have won so many relocation accolades has to do with how we educate our crews.

When you collaborate with us to assist you with furniture installation, you’re getting an impeccably educated crew. We instruct our relocation staff ourselves and have created a specialized education facility for the reason. It is our belief that you simply can't do the right thing if you do not appreciate how to handle it in the first place. So, prior to any one of our crews gets near any systems furniture segment that belongs to our customers, they will already have disassembled and assembled loads of comparable items. This training and experience enables our movers to be highly methodical in what they complete. Additionally, it increases the safety of your furniture items, which is what legitimate moving entails.

Moving solutions for any scenario

You can get our furniture installation solutions as a piece of a residential or office relocation bundle, or by themselves. The imperative piece is that you have access to almost any moving solution should you require it. Depending on the move type, you might want to look into commercial relocation solutions to enhance your furniture installation. No matter what your relocation needs, you can entrust Corrigan Moving to help you with it. Here are a portion of the offerings that we can supply for you:

At Corrigan Moving, we take pride in being able to supply a solution for every relocation, no matter the breadth, size, or difficulty. Our "backyard" is the state of New York, however we can deliver relocation solutions around the world. With our assets, experience, craftsmanship, and education, there is no relocation that we can’t service!

We also believe that every relocation is unique, which is why our planning experts will work closely with you to create a method that fills your requirements . You will have partner with the best experts in the business, experts that can supply you with experiences that can minimize your relocation costs, help you begin business faster, and much more.

Move without any problems with Corrigan Moving!

If you are searching for a moving business to handle furniture installation for you, a company that you can rely on for any relocation task, one that has almost 100 years of history in the moving industry and trains their crews the best, there is only one answer: Corrigan Moving. We will help you through a smooth, worry-free, efficient move process. Contact us today and discover why we’re respected as the finest solution for your furniture installation needs!

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